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Friday, 10 January 2014

The other day I thought of adding ( My kids ) label to the blog's labels, as far as I can remember I spent all my life attached with all kind of non human creatures " I like how I said that" it's creepy hehe,
as a little kid I remember how much I loved collecting slugs and enjoying my time in our back garden choosing different coloured slugs which were always shades of black, grey & brown, I also remember how I was always trying to weave a nest for birds from twigs I've collected so we could be friends! hey don't laugh, well that was the scenario I carried in my head I make a nest fill it with slugs and down come the birds, I guess Snow White did affect me some how!! but that of course never happened and no birdies came to be friends with me which taught me a lesson, so I really do believe that the love and passion I have for animals and nature in general comes from how much time I spent in the parks smelling the freshly cut grass back in Dublin & walking with my family in the woods.  I also remember how I never had the fear of animals since I was a child, and here in Tripoli I used to enjoy going to the beach in summer vacations, building sand castles, collecting sea shells and of course catching crabs with my brother and then failing in catching those tiny fast moving fishes!! back then I was a very naughty young girl said my mama :) never was I afraid of the mud staining my pink shiny boots nor afraid that I would find earthworms while digging into the soil hoping to find some kind of treasure I guess!

So anyway in  ( My passion my life ) I will be writing about all the stories I carry in my heart that are about my passion that turned into a profession which then opened so many doors I never knew they ever existed!

Follow your heart, have faith  and you will find yourself living the life you were asking for

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