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Sunday, 15 June 2014

So I've been neglecting my blog for months now! lots of changes happened and I am loving the fact that I am back blogging.

After our honeymoon, we went straight to our new home! moving to another country leaving my family and friends back in Tripoli does ache a lot! I miss my family a lot I miss my kids ( kitties ) so much as well, I'm constantly worried due to the rough road Libya is going through at the moment! but all praise to Allah we have Skype!
So at the beginning the house was in need of my touch :) I was so excited to put some life & colours in our new home, the first few months I got myself busy decorating, trying new recipes, cooking my husband's favourite rishtat burma ( Libyan pasta ) & having our favourite pasta frolla with our evening cuppa, I can't believe nearly six months have passed now!

I love it here, it reminds me a lot of Ireland where I grew up, I love our quite neighbourhood and luckily I have two neighbour kitties one I call stalker :p a Bengal that was always staring at my window I loved her, she moved shortly after we came.

I don't really bother myself fitting in anymore! so moving to a new place is never an issue for me! I do know now that we are all different & unique in somehow and we should all love each other as we are! Despite the fact that I never did fit in even back in Libya! it was always me in the middle of a group that doesn't know a meaning of some old Libyan saying, or when my friends talk about childhood cartoons I could never relate! I grew up watching My little pony, Care bears, Rosie & Jim and Disney's Aladdin was me & my sister's prince charming!, I always got heartbroken as a kid whenever I gave someone a handmade card decorated with my most ( precious ) glitter pens! and really spend time on making it special and not getting so much attention really disappointed me, and I felt that I will never fit and no one values what I do! I always though that cards are a very sincere gift, I never stopped making and giving cards in every single occasion back in Libya :), I hope one day people there would love the concept of giving cards and understand the true meaning and I hope I can do something about it one day inshAllah, I have always dreamt about it! 

I am enjoying being a housewife at the moment! not for so long though my dreams list is getting longer and I'm even more determined :)

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