Our engagement party

Sunday, 24 August 2014

So last year this exact date 24th Aug 2013 was our engagement party "talbesty" ! time flew I can tell,
 I remember all the planning and all behind the scenes that day,  the night before I was enjoying folding the gold coloured napkins preparing and shining all the silverware matching everything with the theme colours gold, pink and ivory then slept peacefully as a bear, I remember that day started with an electricity cut me, my mum and sister with the help of our very helpful Bushra were rushing and praying the electricity would come back at least when our guests arrive! all praise to Allah we managed to get everything ready on time before my in-laws family arrived, the weather was very hot and living in Tripoli in the middle of August is a big no no without ac, my sister's beautiful friend Rasha came to the rescue helped us out and I couldn't be any more grateful she came like an angel sent from above with her pretty smile and kind soul helped us pick and pack our guests favours they were cream and pink macarons in a little box with a transparent lid, I decorated them with some matching ribbons topped with a flower.

It really saddens me now that last year we were celebrating and this year I am in constant fear for my family and friends back in Libya, I could only pray for my beloved Libya and I sure do believe in it, Libya get well soon.

The dinner was all home made from my mum and us buzzing around her, mum sure is my best ever chef, all the sweets were bought and check out Smudgie "Dudja" my baby girl celebrating with us with her matching pearl collar.

Due to the short notice and the wedding near the corner it was a very small family party, I remember I was searching for a dress that fits the small occasion and was all over the place until I found a pretty nude coloured dress with a beautifully embellished collar, I managed from that point to make my mind and the party theme was set.

We had a lovely evening nice chatter and precious moments, I will forever keep those memories in my heart, and of course I got some beautiful gifts sent all the way from my handsome fiancé back then, I wouldn't have words enough to thank my family for everything they've done for me.

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