A girly tea party

Friday, 22 August 2014

This poor post has been drafted for months ( I totally forgot about it ) I was just scrolling down from boredom and was glad I had a couple of ready posts drafted with photos attached woohoo! I've been a bit lazy these past two weeks not my normal pace in anything actually, I will reveal the cause soon, though, so I think it was two months ago when I had a small tea party and had a chance to meet lovely ladies.

So I thought of making some yummy finger food that day and started to write down all the things to be done! ( for savoury I made some savoury cupcakes, bought some flavoured nuts, made some delicious tuna and cucumber wholemeal bread sandwiches, mini puff pizzas, rye crackers with creme cheese and smoked salmon and I also made in a hurry some mini wholemeal bread with butter crab and capers ) 

There had to be something sweet right, so ( I made some vol au vents and filled them with creme fraiche topped with berries, I also made some strawberry & cherries dipped in chocolate and bought a hazelnut cake from Waitrose which no one ate! haha bad call )

The girls bought some beautiful biscuits and Indian mix chips and nuts! we had a nice time I could tell, can't wait to throw another one soon!
If you need any recipes of our tea party don't hesitate just drop a comment I'll be glad to answer you

Strawberries and cherries dipped in dark chocolate are always a nice little healthy treat

Ps : I somehow lost some of the photos :-( not all the original tea party photos are shown here, many are missing!

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