Our wedding day

Sunday, 28 September 2014

I can't imagine a whole year just passed yes 365 days of our lives together! well since I'm getting very emotional lately and I think it's getting even worse with all the nice memories from last year and all the ( missing my family and friends and kitties ) period I'm going through! well here's just a quick look of our wedding last year.  So now let me talk you through at the Libyan way in celebrating weddings.

After that, the guests are given Rouzatta and Abambar which are almond milk and almond biscuits, after a short while they are given cappuccino and can choose from a variety of tea and other coffees as well, every table had a big box of sorted baklava which was such a yummy treat!

After that dinner comes then cake, and on their way out guests are given the wedding favours which were a little tin box, filled with pink,blue and white bonbonniere 

I can only imagine how much that day meant to me, having all my favourite people around me celebrating with me and happy for us, my best friends, my sisters and brother, my mama and my baba, I will never feel I did enough for those folks as their presence made my day even special, I only missed three people in my family which I will forever love jdeda and mamaloula I wished you were there I miss you and may Allah's mercy be forever with you Allah yerhamkom, Rabia a special soul that came into our lives, I hope you still know how much I love you I will never ever forget you were an angel in our lives!

All photos in this post that do not carry my name are copyright to Wesaal Gebril from the Libyan desert rose photography

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