The pink day

Friday, 26 September 2014

So basically Henna day or Pink day as I call it, is a Libyan tradition made in weddings, that day the bride wears a Libyan pink traditional outfit gathering her family and friends and celebrate, it's usually done days before the wedding but more common just one day apart from the big day, some people prefer to do it in their homes others prefer to keep all the mess out! 

My mum was definitely the mastermind behind this day, we booked months before a small wedding hall not far from home, prepared everything from henna day favours to where to book the dinner to the lady to do our henna, it was more of a small cosy family gathering for us, the day before that the henna lady came and did my special bridal henna, next day was a very busy day for us all everyone was buzzing around with something to do, unfortunately, I had a very bad week I some how caught a very nasty cold two days before, on the sahria/henna day I was celebrating with absolutely no voice at all with a rocketing body temperature, exhausted with soggy eyes and a blocked nose!

I had a blast that day, the zemzammat a Libyan traditional music group were at the party, all the guests were enjoying their time with us I could tell.

As a tradition in Libya, the guests are first offered some chocolates, after that they are served Abambar and Rouzatta which are almond milk and almond biscuits, then comes tea, coffee and a little box full of sweet and savoury biscuits, at last, comes the dinner.

Then after that, a small bag of nuts are served to the guests and as they are all leaving next to the door they get a baklava in a small matching box, which I chose to be all pink and stripy similar to the outfit I was wearing that day

Ps: all photos in this post that do not carry my name are copyright to Wesaal Gebril from the Libyan desert rose photography.

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