Our first anniversary

Friday, 7 November 2014

Late post! I know, haven't been able to blog for some time now, so I've been planning for this for a while now, looking back I figured out I really do love event planning so much and enjoy all the organizing, so the 28th of Sep was our first anniversary, I thought of setting a little indoor party just for the two of us, I thought before of having a picnic but the weather wasn't so promising, so I thought of celebrating with a wedding inspired theme.

I baked a two layer chocolate cake filled with low-fat double cream with blackberries and strawberries, decorated it with baby blue fondant and pink rose, with all my fondant tools I've been collecting I was quite thinking that I might pull it off, and with a bit of youtube knowledge! well, it wasn't that easy and the trickiest part was making the rose and smoothing the fondant cover! I think I redid the rose four times! haha, next time I will practice before time inshAllah.

I was glad I had time and energy to do this, as I've been planning it for some time! looking back at last year it really brings tears to my eyes, I just really miss my family and friends so much, I can only remember the big hug my brother gave me when we walked through the wedding hall and how we both didn't want to let go until nearly everyone in the hall were in tears, bless them all ya Allah xxx

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