A special Eid

Monday, 20 July 2015

The little one just slept, giving me some time to put this post together, oh my how did Ramadan past so fast? subhanAllah we wait for this holly month for 11 months and when its time, the month literally flies away, I just pray all our fasting and prayers will be accepted, and we live to witness the next inshAllah.  

So, I got myself busy on the last day of Ramadan making some Libyan biscuits,  as we have nearly 20 hours of fasting, it was easy to get busy baking when the little one is settled.  Eid biscuits are a tradition back home, so usually we make and give a plate full to our family and friends when visiting, let me know if you need any biscuit recipe.

This Eid was special as it's the first Eid with our bundle of joy, me and Mr both enjoyed shopping for our little one days before Eid, the baby girls dresses can get you addicted quite easily, and finally her tiny feet fit in shoes yay!.  I had to mention this :)  as I quite missed it, I prepared her outfit on the wardrobe handle with her shoes on the floor the night before, it was like a magical moment that made all the lovely memories come back, I remembered how me and my sister did that every Eid since we were young, and it was the last thing we laid eyes on before we were fast asleep.  Her presence really made this Eid special and made me live Eid as a child again.

I was quite excited hehe, having to dress her and calling our family back home was quite emotional, as everybody wanted to cuddle her with her tutu dress and big toothless smile she’s been warming our hearts with lately.

The weather was the only downside that day, heavy rain from early morning until the end of the day, nevertheless we enjoyed our day.   The next  day the weather was a bit better, we spent the evening with our friends and had yummy Bangladeshi food, the desserts were so lovely, too bad I couldn’t take any photos, as the little one was quite unhappy with the number of faces (she's met our friends several times before) and new surroundings, it was heartbreaking not knowing how to make her feel better, nothing could soothe her, but at last, we managed to calm her down and see that smile again, if you have any tips on how to calm a baby down when visiting others please let me know.  And may our deeds be accepted, Eid mubrak to everyone celebrating! 

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