Thoughts and tips on labour

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The scary word for most mum’s, I had so many questions before that day came, so many answers were given to me by the midwives, family and friends, but it's always the fear of the unknown deep down that strangled my thoughts for a while. 

 The more I asked the more different answers I get, sometimes it was so confusing for me, eventually, I decided to ignore all the negativity and enjoy all the kicking of my baby girl inside.  I had to quit school in the very last weeks, as my due date was exactly as schools ending date, strong consistent cramping of my lower body was my worst nightmare, back then walking from our room to the bathroom was like climbing a rocky mountain with high heels, many times I just broke down into tears, and was wondering for how much long can I go? and now its all just a memory, so here are some tips for mum's struggling and fearing labour. 

  • Prepare yourself for that moment be strong and patient, remember to pack both of your bags as that will make it less stressful for you, you can check our posts for packing here WHAT'S IN MY HOSPITAL BAG ?and WHAT'S IN THE BABY'S HOSPITAL BAG ?, have all the phone numbers ready your doctor, midwife team, labour ward, taxi etc.
  • Even if you passed your due date, try not to panic, your baby will be out when its time, you can walk if you don't have bad cramping as I did, also something that can help, in my hometown it's believed that eating dates is ought to speed labour.
  • In my personal experience, labour was very painful, it started with regular abdomen pain and ended up with strong close cramps until I was ready to go to the hospital where I stayed for most of my labour until it was time.
  • Always talk with your partner about labour and please do go to classes if it's available in your country, it will help you and your partner to understand labour more.
  • Take some time to go through your delivery plan, what painkillers would you want etc, covering this will help you a lot when its time.
  • You have to believe we were created to be able to carry and deliver, we all can make it, just be ready and be strong you are almost there. 
  • Whenever your labour starts with a "show" mucus plug or your waters breaks, keep doing what makes you comfortable, for me, it was praying, I didn't stop until my baby was in my arms.
Pregnancy is quite a journey, it's not a piece of cake, you and your body will go through lots of changes, you might have a bad day (who doesn’t?) and most hopefully most days will be happy, always remember that a little angel is growing inside, prepare for that moment and enjoy every second of your pregnancy.

Remember all the pregnancy pain and discomfort will be gone as soon as your baby is delivered, well that’s what happened to me. 

Hang on strong mama, you're almost there! 

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