Autumn vibes & catching up

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Just a random post, with the little one crawling like a little worm "seriously" its so funny, she's not yet crawling like a proper crawl though, I was glad that I was able to catch a video with her first couple of moves last week, she was like what? I can do this? she was chuffed to be able to reach out and grab anything she wants now, but yet to master her new skill!

I've been working lately on a project, that I mentioned prematurely I think! its taking me so much time than I thought & tons of work, I sometimes rethink the whole idea of it, but deep down I just want to go for it, I guess I just need to remind myself that its worth it, I'm madly passionate about it and I can do it, hence the name of my blog sunzdid, I just realised it has a message within "thanks Zeina". Talking with my family & friends always makes me feel much better, I need to overcome my fears! 

Though, I am really really enjoying the work & all the preparations, but lately feel out of focus or even just uninspired? did that ever happen to you? let me know in the comments below, I would love to talk about it.  So anyway I decided not to set a deadline as its just adding pressure at the time being.

 While doing all that I decided to get back to my healthy mode & to my pre pregnancy shape, so tried a couple of healthy recipes that are easy for buzzing mums, busy ladies & anyone actually, that I will share here soon.  

I am enjoying motherhood elhamdullah & glad I put my studies on hold just to be with our bundle of joy, that doesn't mean your a bad mum if you didn't, its just because I had a choice & options, soon though I need to get back, just the thought of not seeing or cuddling her for hours is agonising.  How did you mange going back to work/studies after having your baby? let me know please!

Eid was a quite one this year at home, we just had a cozy lunch and nothing big, but back home in Libya our families had the big fat Libyan Eid celebration.  The weather has been lovely last week & this one as well apparently, so strolling with my small family & enjoying the colours & scents of Autumn in the air makes me feel great! & lucky us we got to celebrate our second anniversary with these lovely Autumn vibes!

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