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Monday, 21 December 2015

I set a goal once to write a blog post every week having a specific day in the week for one of the topics I usually have lots to write about, but I couldn't make that happen, it's sometimes quite hard to come up with good content, while inspiration is not around at times, with little steps I still try to at least write about something that someone might find of interest or come across and could have informative words.  

Blogging is something I started years ago, it's writing my thoughts that had always been a calming and expressing feeling for me, I still get so excited whenever I'm writing a new post! I thought today of sharing some of my thoughts on having my own shop, if you didn't know, I have started my own small business and chose to start it with Etsy, as I quite often enjoy shopping there myself, I just love browsing through all the different shops, so much beautiful art is found there, I'm glad I chose it so far, I love the whole atmosphere there and the very friendly and helpful community there.

Owning a shop was a dream of mine for a very long time, it was quite a journey from the time I started thinking about it till the actual opening day, months passed very quickly and I had a period of lack of inspiration, I guess everyone goes through at some point, after some time off and thinking clearly I found it easier to get my thoughts together and get on turning sketches and simple lines into products. 
 I remember my first sale and how excited I was getting it posted! also working on my very first custom painting was such a great experience.  All I wanted to say is work on making your dreams real, don't stop no matter how hard it might be at times and just keep the good words in front of you at all times and never ever doubt yourself take steady little steps and you'll get there! Reading all the words of encouragement not only from my family and friends, but also people I don't personally know that just genuinely admire my work! I found that very uplifting and I am truly thankful for their time to tell me what they think and any opinions on improvement are always appreciated and welcomed. 

Our little shop offers a range of products that could make a cute gift for your loved ones, our illustrations are usually inspired by simple things we own, places we lived in, food especially clean eating, nature, motherhood and Libyan tradition. Our latest very exciting products are our custom watercolour paintings that can be found in custom watercolour art that makes a beautiful customised gift.

Another long time dream on my list was introducing greeting cards into the Libyan market, along my search I have noticed a major gap in products related to Libya, so I worked on showing the world one of many beautiful sides of my beloved country.  Currently living away from Libya made me miss the place I love dearly, so hopefully this will be a start for many ideas I have in store.

Don't forget to check out our offer, available for limited time only!

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