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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A bit of a change in today's post than the regular, a lovely quirky couple of days we had, popping surprises here and there, thank Allah for, our loving family and friends. We finally had a chance to have a lovely day out, the three of us, the weather is lovely these days with its crisp breeze it was the perfect atmosphere for making memories, we decided to head to one of Stirling most famous attractions the Wallace monument a tower standing on the summit of Abbey Craig, the scenery as usual in Scotland was breathtaking, the trail up surrounded by autumnal coloured trees was healing in so many ways, crunching leaves as we step, birds chirping and Joud squealing whenever she spots a Robin or a Blackbird, made it so charming!.  I'll leave you now with some photos and a basic background.

The name William Wallace might ring a bell, well who could forget the Academy award winning film Braveheart?, William was a knight that was one of the main leaders during the wars of Scottish independence. On 11 September 1297, an army jointly led by Wallace and Andrew Moray won the battle against the English army, known as the battle of Stirling bridge. "After his betrayal and capture, Wallace was taken to London, where he was trialled.  He was found guilty, hanged, disembowelled, beheaded, and quartered" well those are words I never use!

The fights for freedom and all the sacrifices reminded me of our very own Omar Elmukthar, the 72 old Libyan that fought for twenty years relentlessly against the Italian invasion in Libya.  Documented as his capture being a betrayal, while others argue it was not, it was a surrender to save lives. Unfortunately, this had the unfair judgment for a well-known city in Libya being labelled as the "betrayals city".  Omar Almuktar once said "After I die fighting against foreign invaders, the new generation will pick up the torch and fight on to chase out the last foreign soldier from the sacred soil of Libya"

While Libya still fights for the basics of living every day, nothing I hope for my homeland more than safety and well-being for all Libyans.


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