Whimsical woodland animals

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

 Lots of cute creatures are in today's post, I've been enjoying my time lately making new products for our Etsy shop to be available soon inshallah, painting the cutest whimsical woodland creatures.  So today started with breakfast and watching the Gruffalo's child with Joud, which inspired today's post, I have always been keen on nature since a young age, my earliest childhood memories almost always involved animals, my mum and dad Allah yerhamah were definitely my number one supporters,  now Joud is showing so much love and interest for nature and animals, maybe she will grow up to be a Zoologist or a Vet like her mum and dad? well who knows, as far as I'm concerned I will just raise her to love, explore and most important to be kind to all creatures. 

 Speaking of that I really do miss being involved as a part of the nature conservation work in Libya, especially talking about the Libyan Wildlife Trust, hopefully, when we've settled back home me and my husband and maybe Joud can join too, we can resume work and finish the dreams we started and planted together, our passion for Wildlife protection will never be put down we realised.

I remember how the whole group including myself were under constant criticism regarding our work, for the time and energy devoted voluntarily towards the Libyan Wildlife, accusing us of being delusional, insensitive as we were being told repeatedly that we should protect human lives in Libya not wild foxes and turtles!  The continues negativity at some points along with the miserable circumstances the country has been going through until this day, with selfishness among the crowds and us being away made interest on our behalf of being a part fade away! we were always told, you're away, you can't do anything and no opinions what so ever for change for better were sadly ever excepted.  Hoping one day Libya will have its share of efficient and ethical Wildlife conservation NGO's! 

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