I hope you can remember us

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

This is nothing like my usual posts nor a thing I like to talk too much about, not because I stopped caring it's more of myself getting used to the same inhumane events happening in my own country and all over our world today and nothing in my power to change.  Feeling unwell myself means lots of news for me to watch, this morning was terribly sad, while safe at my home with Joud playing around, all that made me feel very grateful of what I have yet very bitter and hopeless! In a far away place from here, in a city called Aleppo in Syria, a genocide is being broadcasted live, civilians and activists pleading, posting their goodbyes with their touching words in their possibly very last days or hours to live, Abdulkafi Alhamdo said "I hope you can remember us"

How evil can humans be? field hospitals targeted, doctors executed, how cowardly can someone kill a child or yet alone an innocent soul at all... I have nothing in my hands just to pray for a country that has been destroyed, over the past six years millions have been evacuated and forced into a death trip on a rubber boat.  The once famous for its culture and beauty Aleppo is now destroyed!

Coming from an unstable country myself and living and witnessing the Libyan war in 2011,  that forced me to live all the war's outcomes and tragic events, while trying to live with the marks its left in my life and still doing, all this makes me know a thing or two about it.  As for Libya bad events had never ever stopped, I sometimes want to close my eyes and find it settled and healed up, I cry sometimes and feel the pain of Libyans in my guts I get depressed and sometimes smile when I see Libyans getting through and succeeding in any field in life, it lifts me up like nothing else.  For  Libyans, that is civilians that have no interest in power I mean, words such as killing, bombing, militias, kidnap, armed robberies, no money, complete electricity blackouts, lack of food, poor health care and so much more are all too familiar words in the daily life of people living there.  Two major cities Benghazi and Sirt in Libya have been in constant battle till a short time ago, it's disheartening to see all those young lives lost in a battle that will never be won, for personal greed and ambition! 

I hope events like these force some fellow humans out of their bubbles, and shed some light on what's happening around the world not only what's happening in their safe countries and lives, and for all the overly paranoids out there, that are against letting Syrian refugees enter their countries, turning away disabled elderly, vulnerable pregnant women or a malnourished child while feeding your's a pie, ask yourself when lastly did you hear or see your humanity speak up or act?.  Regardless of your personal political or religious views, hold a minute of consideration for the children killed in Aleppo when you tuck your little one to bed tonight.  

Please keep all troubled countries in your prayers!



  1. True sister we are blesses to be safe but should not forget to pray for us brothers an sisters who are struggling to survive each day. May Allah ease the difficulties of the people in libya, syria, palestine, pakistan, myanmar, iraq and in other troubled countries. Aameen!

  2. Amin ya rab! thank you Nazia for your kind words.