Thursday, 23 April 2020

I hope everybody is keeping safe in these times of uncertainty. Back to social media feels like when you're entering a room packed with people and you just came to say hi and have no idea who to give a hug or shake hands first. If its anything that lured me back is the beauty of the connections and all the similarities with the most genuine people I've met through this space throughout the years. 

With all the changes we've seen around us lately, I think introverts like myself are probably doing the best, as long as we're allowed to get some fresh air I'm grateful.  The twist here is when you get an extroverted four year old that likes to talk even in her sleep.

It's been a good time to check our privileges and blessings to be able to have a deep breath is now and today one of them allhamduleh حمداً طيباً 

 Probably the most I'm busy with these days is keeping up with Joud and her questions of why even the park across us has been closed? (people gather no matter what sometimes). One of my favourite questions of hers was how do viruses talk to each other? do they communicate mummy? 
I'm enjoying both Joud and Adam's presence all day, we've pretty much adapted with all the changes. The sleep-wake cycle in our home is the same as before for my sanity and everyone's happiness! 

I'm finding it a good time for more Arabic introduced at home as there's not much else we're doing and no one we're seeing, it’s the best opportunity to catch up with Arabic.  I'll share anything I might find useful I know many parents are in the same boat as us. I tuck them to bed and get on with things I've been simmering for long months now, something that keeps my hands and head busy and oh very happy! 

I've noticed lately since the lockdown the amount of pressure arsing from this pandemic on social media. Its the overshare of all activities, learning, and peer pressure if you may.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for using the time we're given in a good way. But there's a massive wave of the pressure for learning languages, baking bread, teaching quantum physics to your tot, doing 90 squats a day, and yet the worst (the no sugar no carb no this and that fad diets) spreading like  wildfire, not that we were ever short of. 

Its good that many are finding the opportunity and ability to do all of that (except for dieting I never support that), it really is. But it is not so good when it starts to pressure other people or affecting their mental health in this very unusual time. And like I expected the unusual extreme activities will plummet soon (I’ve seen they have now)..

People are losing their jobs, homes, yet worst people are losing loved ones and are not able to even touch them, people are living in isolation, the most vulnerable in our societies are at their weakest now.  Do you really think "it was never time it was always you" a good time to have this conversation?. 

Imagine all that affecting people in Tripoli as well, a year-old war has been the most damaging in the previous month, take care of yourself please and don't believe everything you see on social media. And don’t get me started with the “positive and negative” labelling god it does my head in.

 It's okay if you like to read every day but it's also okay if you don't feel it, it's okay if you've been defrosting your toast loaf for weeks and not able to find the energy to bake it yourself.  You don't lack discipline (like that horrible message circulating has been telling you). 

Remember this please next time you feel you're a failure for not using your free time wisely, you're not on vacation we are living through a pandemic it's not the best of times for growth, remember the history we read once about ? well, we're living it now. 

We're facing uncertainty with everything in our lives now, it's heavy it's a steep ride, it will get better, it always does, doesn't it? just don't add unnecessary pressure to something you can control, please. We can only control certain things these days so please look after the inside of you first.

Self-chosen isolation the thing all introverts do well is a good time to just know yourself, express your feelings, calm down, do whatever you like on your time under your conditions! so welcome aboard extroverted folks I promise you'll find good pleasure and you never know what kind of inspiration spurts through this time. 
Remember Isaac Newton made his greatest discovery of gravity in isolation (hence the apple photos ahem).

Praying with all hope to see you all safe on the other side.